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sehun’s self cam; expressing his love to suho

Can’t stop replaying the earliest part because it’s Sehun and Suho being adorable and Sehun looking really cool ajsfhkjgdgas. <333

"It’s been almost 5 years since I’ve known you and it is such an honor, I am so thankful. The fact that I was able to get to know someone like you, and because you are always here by my side, I am so so thankful. I love you. I wish that the thing I call “us” will never change and remain the same forever.” — Oh Sehun's letter to Suho

"God trusted me with your life. But I’m a fraud. I’m afraid. I’m afraid of the blood running through trees and the war that is about to begin.

I’m sorry, I’ve been gutted. I know I let you down. Remember, that this life is just another illusion. If only I could move in and out of nonexistence to the space between places. Space.